Sweet Heart: You are perfect. You are brighter than the color red and as pure as white. You fill my heart and heal me in my time of need. You embrace my imperfections with kindness. You are Love. Thank you.

  • Specifications & Care

    Dimensions: 8"w x 8"d x 18"h


    LorenFlowers may be kept indoors or outdoors. If kept outdoors expect them to change (e.g. the metal stem will eventually rust).


    Each LorenFlower is unique and hand-made. They are made from recycled or upcycled metals and wood. The material may still contain the blemishes of its life. This is what makes each piece so special. If your petals become bent, don't be afraid to bend them back.


    A damp cloth can be used to wipe them down and then dry with a soft clothe. Rubbing oil on the stem from time to time will prolong its natural metal patina. Be careful some sharp edges may still exist. 

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