This 12 foot flower makes a bold statement. It is made completely of recycled steel. The petals are made from a New England red steel roof that still has it's original weathered exterior. Just like all LorenFlowers, Red Flower carries its message on its green leaf in the form of a QR code. That QR code is yours with the purchase or lease of the flower. Whether it's a gift, a party or a public installation, the QR code will tell your story. Please contact us for more information. Most flowers are customizable. National delivery and installation is available. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - ON LEASE

  • Specs

    Dimensions: 12'5"h x 7'4"w x 4'd

  • Materials

    - recycled New England steel roof petals

    - PVC board for green petal structure

    - recycled damaged jungle gym stem

    - scrap aluminum leaf

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