Unlike a real sunflower this 12 foot stainless steel and aluminum flower rotates with the wind and will last forever. It is made completely of recycled metals. Just like all LorenFlowers, Red Flower carries is message on it's green leaf in the form of a QR code. That QR code is yours with the purchase or lease of the flower. Whether it's a gift, a party or a public installation, the QR code will tell your story. Please contact us for more information. Most flowers are customizable. National delivery and installation is available. (This flower does not require installation)

  • Materials

    - scrap aluminum sheet metal petals

    - 1" thick aluminum clutch wheel bud

    - stainless steel grocery cart barrier stem

    - "No Turn on Red" sign for leaf

    - recycled broken jungle gym parts as the stand

  • Specs

    Dimensions: 12' h x 6' dia

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